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Looking for Business Lawyers in Houston, TX?

Texas is the second-largest state for businesses, with 3.1 million registered businesses. If you are considering opening a business in Texas, you might have a lot of competition. That’s why business lawyers in Houston, TX, may be beneficial in helping you to structure your business correctly.

There are many steps to opening and running a business correctly…and legally. All business owners must understand the legalities if they want to succeed. At SimpleLawTX, we want to help companies to get started on the right foot. If you are ready to take the next step with your business, contact us today to request a consultation.

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Legal Services

Contract Review & Editing

As a business owner, you likely deal with a lot of contracts. Businesses usually have contracts with vendors, clients, and service providers. We help our clients to remain protected by reviewing these contracts and identifying problematic or concerning language.

We can also help clients to develop new contracts and agreements. The most common types of documents we create include:

Shareholder agreements

Commercial leases

Independent contractor agreements

Employment contracts

Promissory notes

Non-compete agreements

Vendor agreements

Client/customer agreements


  • Flat fees for contract review start  at $300
  • Flat fees for custom drafting start at $1,200
  • Rush turnaround is available.

Business Formation

Are you starting a new business? SimpleLawTX helps clients for new businesses so they get created the right way! We provide clients with expert legal advice and documents. We also help them structure the organization and determine the best type of company to form. You can see the entire list of business formation services offered below:

Formation advice (LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, LLP)

Draft corporate governance documents

Write employee handbooks

Fill out state formation and registration documents

Help form the business in alignment with regulatory compliance

Liaise with external professionals

Obtain non-profit status

filing the Beneficial Ownership Information report


  • Flat fee of $2,000 for business formation

  • Other services vary

Asset Purchases

Are you looking at purchasing another company or another significant asset? SimpleLawTX offers legal advice to clients in this situation. We can help structure the transaction, review contracts or sales agreements, and ensure the purchase goes smoothly.


LLC Transfers

Is your business booming, and you’re ready to transfer it to someone else to manage? SimpleLawTX helps clients by transferring ownership to an heir or selling it to an external owner. We guide our clients throughout this process to ensure they remain protected and get the most out of the sale. 

We also draft the documents, limit risks, and structure the transaction so the transfer of the LLC is seamless. 


Flat fees for business sales and purchases start at $1,500

Record Expunctions

SimpleLawTX helps clients to remove certain information from their permanent records. Texas laws only allow certain situations to qualify for expunction. If you believe you have a qualified situation, SimpleLawTX wants to help! Everyone makes mistakes, but they shouldn’t follow us around for the rest of our lives.


Please contact for fee information.

Name Change

If you’re looking to change your name, you're not alone. It’s estimated 50,000 people change their names every year. The process is relatively simple, but it has many factors to consider, and you have to petition the court and gain approval.

SimpleLawTX helps clients complete this process to verify all steps are met and that the reasoning behind the name change is sound, so it has a better chance of gaining approval from a judge.


Flat fee, not including filing fees or in-person hearing, is $600 for an adult and $1,000 for a child when both parents agree

Creditor Negotiations

Dealing with greedy creditors and bills that you can’t pay down? SimpleLawTX helps clients with creditor negotiations. When a creditor sues a client, there are options.

SimpleLawTX negotiates with creditors to lower the balance and create a payoff plan that fits our client's needs. Debt doesn’t have to control your life or your budget.

SimpleLawTX wants to help you get it under control and at a manageable level. Call us today at 281-697-6678 to request a consultation to discuss your situation.


  • Flat Fee of $750 for uncontested debt
  • If a resolution requires a court appearance, fees start at $1,500

Winding Down

Ready to shut it all down and move on to something else? SimpleLawTX helps clients with this, too.

Whether that looks like selling the business or transferring ownership to an heir, we are well-versed in the process. We help clients by drafting legal documents and filing with the state to make the transfer or closing legal.


After a consultation, flat fees start at $1,000

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Why Choose Simple Law TX for Your Business Law Needs?

No-BS Approach

Our experienced business attorney, Carey Worrell, prioritizes efficiency and effectiveness to deliver the results you need. No flashy dinners or fancy attire, just a straightforward approach focused on your goals.

Years of Experience

With two decades of legal practice, Carey has worked across various sectors, from large firms to the federal government. Her expertise spans family, business, immigration, and real estate law. Additionally, she's an adjunct professor at Harvard College and Houston Law Center.

Seamless Guidance

At SimpleLawTX, we offer not only legal advice and ongoing support but also a seamless and hassle-free process that ensures clarity and alignment throughout your legal journey.

Benefits of Contract Lawyers in Houston, TX

Clients reap many benefits when working with business lawyers in Houston. They gain their legal expertise and representation, but they also have peace of mind for legal matters regarding their business. This is invaluable to many clients. Details of the benefits are below:

Legal Protection

A business attorney helps clients structure their organization, documents, contracts, and handbooks to protect them legally. A contract is a legally binding document, so the terms must be in the business’s favor. A business attorney has the business’s best interests in mind, so every decision will be made to ensure the assets are protected.

Legal Support and Representation

A business attorney offers clients ongoing legal advice and support. This is invaluable, especially for new business owners with several questions or concerns. In some instances, such as negotiations, a business attorney may be able to represent the client.

Peace of Mind

Our clients' most significant benefit is the peace of mind of knowing their businesses meet legal requirements and guidelines. They do not have to worry about registering with the wrong agency or writing contracts with non-beneficial language. They rest easy knowing their businesses and assets are protected.

What Do Business Attorneys in Houston Do?

Business attorneys help their clients to form their businesses legally. They offer legal expertise to determine a business type, write contracts, and help with purchases or transfers of new companies. They also help with negotiations, agreements, contract reviews, and business sales.

The most valuable way business lawyers in Houston, TX, help clients is by protecting them. They ensure their assets and business are protected in all aspects by managing the legal aspects.

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Simple Law TX Client Testimonials

Mohammad YousufzaiMohammad Yousufzai
22:56 16 Jun 23
I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me and my brother through our cases till we got our approvals! Dear Ma’am Carey I write today to express my gratitude for everything you did for us, thank you so much, you are one of the best attorneys in Houston TXI highly recommend Ma’am Carey Worrell for people who looking for best attorney.
Tommy SchmuckTommy Schmuck
10:21 16 Dec 22
Carey was able to fit me in last minute the day before I closed on my new house. I suspected a mistake, and the mortgage company refused to look into it. Carey confirmed the mistake, and helped resolve the issue without delaying my closing. Uploading documents was quick and easy. Very friendly and professional. Definitely would recommend her for any real estate needs.
Adam WrightAdam Wright
17:51 17 Nov 22
Carey is an amazing attorney. I came to her to get my will prepared and was so impressed we have used her for several other issues in real estate since. She is knowledgeable, professional, and will guide you through whatever you need. I have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to use her moving forward!
Lesley ButcherLesley Butcher
19:32 13 Nov 22
It is rare to find someone in this field who is as competent as they are kind. Carey will make you rethink every attorney stereotype you’ve ever heard. Regardless of your legal need, she’ll help you find the best, most affordable solution! I cannot recommend her enough!
Alisa HoggattAlisa Hoggatt
22:40 09 Nov 22
Carey is one of the best attorneys I know. She is the ultimate professional and is also compassionate, thorough and extremely knowledgable. I have referred several clients to her and they are given nothing but the best experience. I highly recommend her and her firm.

FAQs Answered by Business Lawyers in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

SimpleLawTX wants to help you with your Houston Business Law needs. We believe in providing you with high-quality, easy service so you can get on with your business with confidence that our guidance and documents meet the top standards and laws. We have helped numerous business owners with our simplified, highly professional legal services. We know business owners like yourself are busy, so we have created a seamless client experience. Contact us today to request a consultation to discuss your business needs.

How Much Do Business Lawyers in Houston, TX, Cost?

Most attorneys charge by the hour, but not at SimpleLawTX. We have a flat rate fee for all of our services. We won’t ever spring a surprise or hidden fees on our clients. We keep things simple and transparent so everyone is on the same page and no time is wasted. Learn more about our fees here.

What Do Contract Lawyers in Houston, TX, Do?

Contract lawyers write, negotiate, and manage contracts for their clients. They write documents that protect their clients and include terms for all occasions. Most contracts have clauses stating arbitration and mediation must be used for disputes, which an attorney can assist with. If it goes to litigation, an attorney can represent their client throughout the process.

The main goal of a contract lawyer is to protect their client, whether an individual or a business. There are many types of contracts, including:

> Vendor agreements
> Customer contracts
> Employment contracts
> Independent contractor agreements

How Can a Business Attorney Help Me in Houston, TX?

A business lawyer can help clients in many different ways. They help them form their business, determine the best structure (LLCs vs. corporations), and draft contracts. A lawyer can help with the transaction if someone is selling their company. Lawyers also help clients with the following:

> Mergers and acquisitions
> LLC transfers
> Asset purchases
> Lease and agreement writing
> Compliance
> Developing employee handbooks
> Registration with the state

If you own a business or are considering launching one, you do not have to go through the process alone. An attorney may be able to help with each step of the process. Check out how affordable our services are for new clients.

Do I Need an Attorney for My Business in Houston, TX?

In short, most likely. Businesses have a lot of legal requirements to follow, and most differ by state. That’s a lot of legal requirements to understand and navigate. Business owners, especially new ones, wear a lot of hats, but the legal one shouldn’t be included.

Legal matters are an area anyone wants to mess around with. Why set your business up for failure by not setting it up correctly? Hire a business lawyer so it’s structured correctly from the beginning, giving you your best chance at success. Contact our office to request a consultation to discuss your business needs.

Can I Legally Void a Contract in Houston, TX?

It depends. A contract is a legally binding document; most of the time, the signers are bound to it. However, some exceptions or extenuating situations may allow one party or the other to void a contract. For example, consumer contracts have several laws in Texas that allow someone to terminate them legally.

Voiding a contract is not an easy process and may become challenging. If you are in this situation, we strongly recommend you discuss the matter with an attorney before moving forward. It’s essential you understand the legal options, rights, and consequences before voiding a contract. Call our office at 281-697-6678 to request a consultation to discuss the matter.

When Should I Hire a Business Lawyer in Houston, TX?

Now might be a good time if you haven’t launched your business yet, or if you're just getting started. A business lawyer can help clients to get their business started correctly with all the proper legal aspects. They help to file documents, draft contracts and handbooks, and register the company with the proper agencies.

If you are selling or closing your business and haven’t consulted an attorney, we recommend you do so. You don’t want to get into hot water when selling or closing a business. For a smooth transition or wind down, you will probably benefit from the assistance of an attorney.