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2.76 million immigrants crossed the southwest border in 2022. If you were one of them or came to the US in the past, you probably know that immigration law is complex and sometimes confusing. SimpleLawTX helps clients with these matters.

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2.76 million immigrants crossed the southwest border in 2022. If you were one of them or came to the US in the past, you probably know that immigration law is complex and sometimes confusing. SimpleLawTX helps clients with these matters. We’re experienced in the following:



Are you a lawful permanent resident of the US who has met citizenship requirements? SimpleLawTX helps clients with the naturalization process to gain citizenship status after meeting the requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act. There are several provisions required to complete the naturalization standards. We help our clients ensure eligibility and guide them through the process.


Green Cards

SimpleLawTX assists immigrants in securing green cards by meeting specific requirements. Common eligibility situations include immediate family ties, employment needs, refugee or asylee status, trafficking or crime victim status, meeting "special status," or being an abuse victim. We provide guidance on eligibility determination, document completion, legal support, and interview and process completion advice. The most common situations where an immigrant is green card eligible include: 

- They have immediate family in the US
- They need it for employment
- They are a refugee or an asylee
- They are trafficking or crime victims
- They meet “special status
- They are victims of abuse

Family-Based Green Cards

Do you need help getting a green card for an immediate family member? SimpleLawTX helps clients to get family-based green card applications completed and filed. We understand the ins and outs of immigration law and guide our clients through the process.


Asylum Applications

Once you arrive in the US, you only have one year to file for asylum. SimpleLawTX helps immigrants to complete this application within the required deadline. We help them to create a solid application that proves that returning to their home country is dangerous.


Record Expunctions

SimpleLawTX helps clients to remove certain information from their permanent records. Texas laws only allow certain situations to qualify for expunction. If you believe you have a qualified situation, SimpleLawTX wants to help! Everyone makes mistakes, but they shouldn’t follow us around for the rest of our lives.


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At Simple LawTX in Houston, our dedicated legal team provides a comprehensive array of services to support clients on their immigration journey. With a wealth of experience, we offer guidance across various domains, such as asylum petitions, visa support, defense against deportation, applications for U.S. citizenship, immigration appeals, and requests for American residency.

Our unwavering commitment is to deliver tailored assistance and strategic remedies, addressing the distinctive requirements of each client. We strive to empower individuals to navigate the intricate immigration process with assurance and tranquility.

SimpleLawTX wants to help you with your document and immigration legal needs. As one of the high-quality document and immigration lawyers in Houston, TX, we offer fast turnarounds and efficient service. Please call our office at 281-697-6678 to request a consultation.

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Houston Texas Immigration Law Firm

Immigration law is intricate and ever-changing, shaped by federal rules, court decisions, and more. At Simple LawTX in Houston, we understand these complexities and treat each client with empathy. Our team thoroughly analyzes your situation, presents options, and creates a personalized strategy.

As your guide through Houston's diverse landscape, we simplify the legal process, backed by experience and dedication. We value open communication, believe in transparent and compassionate service, and are here to unite families and shape futures.

Simple Law TX is your partner in navigating immigration law, offering personalized strategies to achieve your goals. Join us on this journey toward a brighter future.


Benefits of Working With Us

Why Choose Simple Law TX?

Real Estate Attorney in Houston TX Simple Law TX

At SimpleLawTX, we pride ourselves on our simplistic, efficient, and practical approach to legal services. We value our clients’ time and want to resolve the legal matter quickly. The benefits of working with us include the following.


Trustworthy Legal Guidance

Carey Worrell is a highly intelligent lawyer with experience in areas of business law, real estate matters, immigration, documents and contracts, and family law. She helps her clients by advising them on legal issues, offering guidance, and writing legal documents.

No-BS Approach

Our attorney, Carey Worrell, takes a no-BS approach to law. She doesn’t want to impress clients with fancy dinners or expensive clothes. She takes a no-BS approach to resolve legal issues quickly while providing high-quality, valuable services. If you’re looking for a simple, efficient lawyer who won’t waste time on things that aren’t important, you’ll want to talk to Carey.

Decades of Legal Experience

Carey has 20+ years of experience in the legal field. She has worked for large and small firms and government organizations. She is an adjunct professor at the Houston Law Center and Harvard College. She applies her knowledge to help clients resolve their legal matters efficiently and quickly.

After graduating college, Carey completed a Federal Court clerkship with the Southern District of Texas and a Navajo Supreme Court internship. Throughout her career, she has continuously strengthened her skills and expanded her legal knowledge to provide top-tier legal services for her clients.

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FAQs About Immigration Lawyers in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Immigration Lawyers in Houston Do?

Immigration law is an extensive area that covers many different aspects of immigration. An immigration lawyer helps clients to navigate the law while meeting the requirements of federal government agencies. They typically help clients with the following:

- Citizenship applications
- Asylum applications
- Naturalization
- Green cards
- Visa applications
- Deportation defense

In addition to the above services, immigration lawyers negotiate or interact with government agencies on behalf of clients. They also help fill out applications and ensure each is complete. While they are with their client, they provide ongoing legal support and advice while protecting their client’s rights.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Attorney in Houston, TX?

First, when clients hire an attorney, they gain experience and support with whatever legal matter they are dealing with. They do not have to worry about making the wrong decision or breaking the law because an attorney will only guide them in the right direction.

Second, they obtain peace of mind around the legal matter. Whether that is a contract that needs reviewing or an application for residency, they know they have a legal advisor on their side who can help them through the process. This allows many clients to have less stress.

Finally, an attorney protects their client’s legal rights. This is major and essential. When dealing with documents or immigration matters, many people may try to infringe on those rights. An attorney knows exactly what to do to ensure their clients stay protected.

Can I Apply for Residency if I Have a Criminal Record in Houston, TX?

The short answer is it depends. The severity of certain crimes outweighs others and could result in the exclusion of applicants from the process. Without reviewing the record and comprehending the context, providing legal guidance is not feasible. However, we do provide consultations if you seek a clearer grasp of your legal alternatives. Our dedicated team is here to analyze your situation meticulously and offer insights tailored to your specific circumstances. Through these consultations, we aim to empower you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions regarding your legal path forward.

How Much Does an Attorney Cost in Houston, TX?

Most attorneys charge by the hour. At SimpleLawTX, we keep things easy and charge a flat fee for all our services. This allows our clients to receive high-quality, affordable legal services without worrying about surprise fees or add-ons.

What is the Difference Between an Immigration Lawyer and Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is someone who provides non-legal services to immigrants. They are not lawyers and cannot legally offer advice on legal matters. An immigration lawyer is an specialist in the laws and provides legal services. They can also represent their clients in court, which is often needed in immigration matters.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Green Card in Houston, TX?

The timeline is influenced by several variables. The initial factor is your application's speed of completion. Once the application enters the processing phase, the duration relies on USCIS timeframes. These durations can differ, with the current estimate being 10 months for Houston, Texas. You can access the latest processing time information here.

On average, the entire procedure, beginning to end, spans from 18 to 24 months. It's vital to recognize that an elevated volume of applicants, potential delays, and other considerations might extend the process further.

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Mohammad YousufzaiMohammad Yousufzai
22:56 16 Jun 23
I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me and my brother through our cases till we got our approvals! Dear Ma’am Carey I write today to express my gratitude for everything you did for us, thank you so much, you are one of the best attorneys in Houston TXI highly recommend Ma’am Carey Worrell for people who looking for best attorney.
Tommy SchmuckTommy Schmuck
10:21 16 Dec 22
Carey was able to fit me in last minute the day before I closed on my new house. I suspected a mistake, and the mortgage company refused to look into it. Carey confirmed the mistake, and helped resolve the issue without delaying my closing. Uploading documents was quick and easy. Very friendly and professional. Definitely would recommend her for any real estate needs.
Adam WrightAdam Wright
17:51 17 Nov 22
Carey is an amazing attorney. I came to her to get my will prepared and was so impressed we have used her for several other issues in real estate since. She is knowledgeable, professional, and will guide you through whatever you need. I have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to use her moving forward!
Lesley ButcherLesley Butcher
19:32 13 Nov 22
It is rare to find someone in this field who is as competent as they are kind. Carey will make you rethink every attorney stereotype you’ve ever heard. Regardless of your legal need, she’ll help you find the best, most affordable solution! I cannot recommend her enough!
Alisa HoggattAlisa Hoggatt
22:40 09 Nov 22
Carey is one of the best attorneys I know. She is the ultimate professional and is also compassionate, thorough and extremely knowledgable. I have referred several clients to her and they are given nothing but the best experience. I highly recommend her and her firm.