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Did you know only 4 out of 10 people have an estate plan for the end of their lives? If you are one of those six people who do not have an estate plan, you may want to speak to a family attorney in Houston, TX, to get started.

Family lawyers in Houston, TX, also help with divorces, adoptions, and financial agreements. They help clients to protect their families and interests. If you are looking for one of these services, SimpleLawTX wants to help! Our simplified, no-BS approach satisfies clients with fast, high-quality legal services. Call our office at 281-697-6678 to schedule a consultation.


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What Can a Houston Family Lawyer Do for You?

Family lawyers in Houston, TX, specialize in legal matters impacting families. They help clients throughout the process, draft agreements or contracts, and represent them if the issue goes to court (though this is not common in this area of law).

Family lawyers have knowledge of many areas of law, including real estate, taxes, and constitutional law. They apply this knowledge to help clients make the best decisions that protect their interests during divorces, custody agreements, and adoptions.

Family attorneys are master negotiators and problem-solvers. They have a proven ability to handle tough, challenging situations where the parties are not very collaborative. Family lawyers provide legal support and advice to clients, offering them guidance during sometimes tricky situations.

How We Help Clients in Houston, TX

Uncontested Divorces

An uncontested divorce means both parties agree to the terms and are ready to move on with their lives. SimpleLawTX helps clients prepare and file divorce documents with the state. We also protect our client’s interests and offer advice during the process.


After a consultation, flat fees start at $1,000

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Uncontested Adoptions

SimpleLawTX helps clients complete uncontested adoptions. This means the biological family member(s) will sign away their parental rights without issue during adoption.

We guide our clients through the process and ensure all documentation is completed accurately to ensure smooth adoption.


Flat fee of $3,000 plus court costs

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Legal Agreements

Sometimes, a legal, financial agreement for a married couple is the best course of action to ensure both parties remain protected. SimpleLawTX maintains confidentiality throughout this process, advising clients on how best to protect their current and future financial situation. We also write and review prenuptial agreements.


Flat fee starting at $1500

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No-BS Legal Services

Our family lawyer, Carey Worrell, takes a no-BS approach to law. She believes the most effective solution is the simplest. She doesn’t want to impress you with material things but with her legal experience and swift problem-solving. Carey is laid back and values efficiency. She aims to resolve her client’s issues quickly so no one wastes time or money on unnecessary activities.

20 Years of Experience

Carey has over 20 years of experience in the legal field. After graduating from Harvard Law School, she completed a Navajo Supreme Court internship and a Federal Court clerkship with the Southern District of Texas. She then spent years working in large and small firms and with the federal government before launching her own firm. Carey is proud of her ability to offer efficient, high-quality services without all the frivolous extras.

Personalized Approach

Carey understands that every family situation is unique and requires a personalized approach. At SimpleLawTX, clients aren't just another case number. Carey takes the time to understand each client's specific needs and concerns, ensuring they feel heard and supported throughout the legal process. Her compassionate approach, combined with her knowledge, ensures that families not only get the best legal advice but also feel cared for and understood.

Advantages of Hiring SimpleLawTX

At SimpleLawTX, our clients are our priority. We aim to provide efficient and no-BS legal services in Houston, TX. Our no-BS approach to legal services leaves many clients satisfied. We want to help you with your family's legal needs! Read more about the advantages of working with us here.

Hear From Our Clients

Simple Law TX Client Testimonials

Mohammad YousufzaiMohammad Yousufzai
22:56 16 Jun 23
I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me and my brother through our cases till we got our approvals! Dear Ma’am Carey I write today to express my gratitude for everything you did for us, thank you so much, you are one of the best attorneys in Houston TXI highly recommend Ma’am Carey Worrell for people who looking for best attorney.
Tommy SchmuckTommy Schmuck
10:21 16 Dec 22
Carey was able to fit me in last minute the day before I closed on my new house. I suspected a mistake, and the mortgage company refused to look into it. Carey confirmed the mistake, and helped resolve the issue without delaying my closing. Uploading documents was quick and easy. Very friendly and professional. Definitely would recommend her for any real estate needs.
Adam WrightAdam Wright
17:51 17 Nov 22
Carey is an amazing attorney. I came to her to get my will prepared and was so impressed we have used her for several other issues in real estate since. She is knowledgeable, professional, and will guide you through whatever you need. I have recommended her to family and friends and will continue to use her moving forward!
Lesley ButcherLesley Butcher
19:32 13 Nov 22
It is rare to find someone in this field who is as competent as they are kind. Carey will make you rethink every attorney stereotype you’ve ever heard. Regardless of your legal need, she’ll help you find the best, most affordable solution! I cannot recommend her enough!
Alisa HoggattAlisa Hoggatt
22:40 09 Nov 22
Carey is one of the best attorneys I know. She is the ultimate professional and is also compassionate, thorough and extremely knowledgable. I have referred several clients to her and they are given nothing but the best experience. I highly recommend her and her firm.

FAQs Answered by Family Lawyers in Houston, TX

Frequently Asked Questions

SimpleLawTX wants to help you with your family law needs. As one of the high-quality family lawyers in Houston, TX, we have helped numerous clients with our simplified, highly professional legal services. We value everyone’s time and strive to create a seamless client experience. Contact us today to request a consultation to discuss your situation.

How Do You Create a Will in Houston, TX?

Creating a will can be a complicated process. When writing a will, the person must name an executor to handle the will after the person passes away. They must also outline guardians for their children and plans for pets, real estate, and other assets. In today’s digitally charged world, there is an extra component that many people do not think to include in their wills.

While it is an option to create your own will, we do not recommend this. To ensure your will is complete and legal, we recommend you speak to a family attorney. SimpleLawTX helps clients write wills, living trusts, and powers of attorney regularly. We want to help you, too, so call us to request a consultation!

How Much Do Family Lawyers in Houston, TX, Cost?

Most family lawyers charge by the hour. The rates vary by attorney. At SimpleLawTX, we keep things as easy as possible for our clients. We offer a flat rate for our services. We will never surprise them with additional fees. Legal matters, while complex, do not have to be handled that way. With our simple, no-BS approach, we get our client’s needs met quickly.

Can You Help Me With My Adoption in Houston, TX?

At SimpleLawTX, we help clients with uncontested adoptions. If all parties involved are on the same page, and the biological parents are willing to sign away their parental rights, then SimpleLawTX may be able to assist. Contact us today to request a consultation to discuss your adoption needs.

Is Estate Planning Important in Houston?

In short, yes. Estate planning is vital for everyone. If you do not have a plan for your estate, the state you live in is responsible for making the decisions for you when you pass away. An estate plan lets your family know your plans and wishes. It’s essential to have a will in place long before it must be executed.

What Do Estate Lawyers in Houston Do for Clients?

Estate lawyers help clients plan for what happens to their belongings and assets after they pass away. This can include drafting a will or living trust, assigning power of attorney, or designating beneficiaries. A carefully designed estate plan will save someone’s family a lot of time and effort during an already difficult time.

What Do Divorce Lawyers in Houston Do for Clients?

Divorce attorneys help clients to complete a divorce. This can include dividing up assets, allocating alimony, determining custody agreements, and more. If you are in the middle of a divorce and it is uncontested, SimpleLawTX wants to help! Call us at 281-697-6678.